GD Entertainment & Technology, also known as GDET, focuses on high growth industries to fulfill a diverse selection of premium products worldwide. The company currently has one operating subsidiary; DreamCard, a high-end metal card that personalizes debit and credit cards for a fee. Dreamcard allows users to create a customizable debit or credit card using its state-of the-art online platform, and also customizes specialty cards for the Customer Loyalty and Affinity Networks. Dreamcard simply takes an existing debit or credit card and transfers its data and EMV chip into a new metal, 24 karat or stainless steel card of the cardholder’s design and ships it to the holder. The Dreamcard process is a secure seamless transaction. The Company redesigned and relaunched the website in July 2020, Dreamcard.cc with a completely improved back-end business portal which makes the User experience much friendlier and more streamlined. The Company markets to business enterprises that promote commerce to members with a custom VIP card experience to accent the importance of each casino member. Casinos and Affinity Networks are our largest consumers.



Here are a few of our custom designs already created.